Friends of Sausalito Audio

Manny worked on the design of Laughing Tiger studios with owner Ari Rios nearly 25 years ago. Recently, Manny consulted with Ari to upgrade the monitoring in both studios to each have a tuned array of 4 subwoofers.  The monitoring systems now have higher SPL capabilities with smoother bass over a wider listening area.

“Manny did an outstanding job upgrading our monitoring system. Our mains sound fantastic. 

Thank you Manny!”

– Ari Rios

Owner of Laughing Tiger Studio

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Secrets of the Pros is a site with a large collection of videos that teach people how to record and mix audio. For beginner, mid, and pro level this massive library of videos will take a viewer thru what would normally take decades to learn. Manny was asked to be the Lead Trainer and is featured in this video series.  

“Having Manny as our Lead Trainer was a decision I have never even slightly regretted. His vast knowledge of all things audio is impressive to say the least. 

Thank you Manny!”

– Ken Walden

Founder of Secrets of the Pros 

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Besides being a cofounder of Sausalito Audio, Dave Moulton (now retired) was a first rate educator, recording and mastering engineer, and prolific columnist for various audio trade publications.  His website is a treasure trove of articles on audio theory and music production.

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